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Radiology - Breast

Cost-effective analysis suggests incorporating baseline breast density at 40 years to determine the frequency of screening in women at average risk for breast cancer

10 Feb, 2021 | 01:37h | UTC

Incorporating Baseline Breast Density When Screening Women at Average Risk for Breast Cancer: A Cost-Effectiveness Analysis – Annals of Internal Medicine (link to abstract – $ for full-text)

Commentaries: Screening based on breast density at age 40 may reduce breast cancer mortality – ACP Internist AND Screening strategy based on baseline breast density at age 40 may be effective for reducing breast cancer mortality – American College of Physicians AND For Mammography: Baseline at 40 Makes Sense – Diagnostic Imaging


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PET imaging reveals which breast cancer patients won’t respond to hormone therapy

10 Feb, 2021 | 01:09h | UTC

PET Imaging Reveals Which Breast Cancer Patients Won’t Respond to Hormone Therapy – Diagnostic Imaging

Original study: Association of PET-based estradiol-challenge test for breast cancer progesterone receptors with response to endocrine therapy – Nature Communications


COVID-19 vaccine-linked adenopathies could mimic breast malignancies

2 Feb, 2021 | 01:17h | UTC

COVID-19 Vaccine-Linked Adenopathies Could Mimic Breast Malignancies – Diagnostic Imaging

Original Study: Unilateral axillary Adenopathy in the setting of COVID-19 vaccine – Clinical Imaging


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Consensus statement recommends individualizing surveillance mammography for older patients after treatment for early-stage breast cancer

1 Feb, 2021 | 01:33h | UTC

Individualizing Surveillance Mammography for Older Patients After Treatment for Early-Stage Breast Cancer: Multidisciplinary Expert Panel and International Society of Geriatric Oncology Consensus Statement – JAMA Oncology

Commentaries: First Mammography Guidelines Released for Older Breast Cancer Survivors – Diagnostic Imaging AND New Surveillance Mammography Screening Guidelines Issued for Breast Cancer Survivors Aged 75 and Older – The ASCO Post


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