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Hematology (all articles)

A blood atlas of COVID-19 defines hallmarks of disease severity and specificity.

24 Jan, 2022 | 08:28h | UTC

A blood atlas of COVID-19 defines hallmarks of disease severity and specificity – Cell


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Review: Histiocytic disorders.

24 Jan, 2022 | 08:02h | UTC

Histiocytic disorders – Nature Reviews Disease Primers (if the link is paywalled, try this one)

Infographic: Histiocytic disorders (if the link is paywalled, try this one)


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Perioperative guidelines on antiplatelet and anticoagulant agents: 2022 Update.

21 Jan, 2022 | 09:53h | UTC

Perioperative Guidelines on Antiplatelet and Anticoagulant Agents: 2022 Update – Current Anesthesiology Reports


RCT: In patients with previously untreated Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma, a modified regimen of R-CHOP (pola-R-CHP), in which vincristine was replaced with polatuzumab, was associated with improved outcomes compared to standard R-CHOP treatment.

21 Jan, 2022 | 09:28h | UTC

Polatuzumab Vedotin in Previously Untreated Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma – New England Journal of Medicine (link to abstract – $ for full-text)


Expert consensus for plasma and platelet transfusion practice in critically ill children.

20 Jan, 2022 | 08:44h | UTC

Executive Summary of Recommendations and Expert Consensus for Plasma and Platelet Transfusion Practice in Critically Ill Children: From the Transfusion and Anemia EXpertise Initiative—Control/Avoidance of Bleeding (TAXI-CAB) – Pediatric Critical Care Medicine


RCT: In non–critically ill hospitalized patients with COVID-19, the use of a P2Y12 Inhibitor (ticagrelor in 63% of patients and clopidogrel in 37%) in addition to a therapeutic dose of heparin did not improve survival free of organ support compared to therapeutic heparin alone.

19 Jan, 2022 | 08:56h | UTC

Effect of P2Y12 Inhibitors on Survival Free of Organ Support Among Non–Critically Ill Hospitalized Patients With COVID-19: A Randomized Clinical Trial – JAMA

Editorial: Antiplatelet Therapy in Patients With COVID-19—More Is Less? – JAMA

Commentary: Adding a P2Y12 Inhibitor Does Not Improve Outcomes in COVID-19 – HealthDay


A single-arm study evaluated Naive T-Cell depleted peripheral blood stem-cell grafts for the prevention of chronic graft-versus-host disease.

19 Jan, 2022 | 08:22h | UTC

Naive T-Cell Depletion to Prevent Chronic Graft-Versus-Host Disease – Journal of Clinical Oncology

Commentary: New graft strategy may improve outcomes for blood stem cell recipients – University of Pittsburg


Prolonged follow-up of RCT: Emission Tomography–driven strategy in advanced Hodgkin Lymphoma.

19 Jan, 2022 | 08:16h | UTC

Positron Emission Tomography–Driven Strategy in Advanced Hodgkin Lymphoma: Prolonged Follow-Up of the AHL2011 Phase III Lymphoma Study Association Study – Journal of Clinical Oncology (link to abstract – $ for full-text)


Case series of Thrombosis with Thrombocytopenia Syndrome after Covid-19 vaccination in the US.

18 Jan, 2022 | 09:41h | UTC

Case Series of Thrombosis With Thrombocytopenia Syndrome After COVID-19 Vaccination—United States, December 2020 to August 2021 – Annals of Internal Medicine

Editorial: The Epidemiology of Thrombosis With Thrombocytopenia Syndrome: Analogies With Heparin-Induced Thrombocytopenia – Annals of Internal Medicine


RCT: Sirolimus plus prednisolone vs. sirolimus monotherapy for kaposiform hemangioendothelioma.

18 Jan, 2022 | 09:08h | UTC

Sirolimus plus prednisolone vs sirolimus monotherapy for kaposiform hemangioendothelioma: a randomized clinical trial – Blood (link to abstract – $ for full-text)


Systematic Review: Restrictive transfusion thresholds can safely decrease transfusions by 41% across a broad range of clinical contexts.

14 Jan, 2022 | 08:18h | UTC

Transfusion thresholds for guiding red blood cell transfusion – Cochrane Library

Summary: Is it safe to use lower blood counts (haemoglobin levels) as a trigger for blood transfusion in order to give fewer blood transfusions? – Cochrane Library


RCT: Among patients with acute MI and anemia, a restrictive transfusion strategy resulted in a noninferior rate of major cardiovascular events compared to a liberal transfusion strategy

Randomized trial: Liberal vs. restrictive transfusion thresholds in extremely low-birth-weight infants

Meta-Analysis: Effects of Restrictive vs. Liberal Transfusion Strategies on Longer-term Outcomes After Cardiac Surgery

Randomized Trial: In Patients Undergoing Cardiac Surgery, A Restrictive Transfusion Approach Does Not Increase the Risk of Acute Kidney Injury

Effects of restrictive red blood cell transfusion on the prognoses of adult patients undergoing cardiac surgery: a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials – Critical Care

Research: Restrictive or Liberal Red-Cell Transfusion for Cardiac Surgery

Transfusion Requirements After Cardiac Surgery: The TRACS Randomized Controlled Trial – JAMA


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The COVID-19 Treatment Guidelines Panel’s Statement on Anticoagulation in Hospitalized Patients With COVID-19 – in the absence of contraindications, use therapeutic-dose anticoagulation with low molecular weight heparin for hospitalized patients not in the ICU who have a D-dimer above the upper limit of normal.

12 Jan, 2022 | 09:11h | UTC

The COVID-19 Treatment Guidelines Panel’s Statement on Anticoagulation in Hospitalized Patients With COVID-19 – NIH COVID-19 Treatment Guidelines


RCT: Among patients younger than 21 years of age with provoked thromboembolism, anticoagulation for 6 weeks was non-inferior vs. 12 weeks on the risk of recurrence and bleeding events.

12 Jan, 2022 | 08:53h | UTC

Effect of Anticoagulant Therapy for 6 Weeks vs 3 Months on Recurrence and Bleeding Events in Patients Younger Than 21 Years of Age With Provoked Venous Thromboembolism: The Kids-DOTT Randomized Clinical Trial – JAMA (free for a limited period)

Editorial: Duration of Anticoagulant Treatment for Acute Provoked Venous Thromboembolism in Pediatric Patients – JAMA (free for a limited period)


RCT: Eltrombopag added to immunosuppression is associated with improved hematologic response vs. immunosuppression alone in previously untreated patients with severe aplastic anemia.

12 Jan, 2022 | 08:46h | UTC

Eltrombopag Added to Immunosuppression in Severe Aplastic Anemia – New England Journal of Medicine (link to abstract – $ for full-text)

Commentary: New trial demonstrates improvements in immunosuppressive treatment of patients with severe aplastic anemia – European Society for Blood and Marrow Transplantation


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RCT: Interferon-alpha vs. Hydroxyurea in Polycythemia Vera and Essential Thrombocythemia.

12 Jan, 2022 | 08:35h | UTC

A Randomized, Phase 3, Trial of Interferon-α versus Hydroxyurea in Polycythemia Vera and Essential Thrombocythemia – Blood


Review: Management of coagulopathy in bleeding patients.

12 Jan, 2022 | 08:34h | UTC

Management of Coagulopathy in Bleeding Patients – Journal of Clinical Medicine


Best Practice Recommendations: Management of adults and children receiving CAR T-cell therapy.

12 Jan, 2022 | 08:31h | UTC

Management of Adults and Children receiving CAR T-cell therapy: 2021 Best Practice Recommendations of the European Society for Blood and Marrow Transplantation (EBMT) and the Joint Accreditation Committee of ISCT and EBMT (JACIE) and the European Haematology Association (EHA) – Annals of Oncology


RCT: In children with sickle cell anemia, hydroxyurea in moderate doses (20 mg/kg per day) is not better than low doses (10 mg/kg per day) for primary stroke prevention.

11 Jan, 2022 | 02:10h | UTC

Hydroxyurea for primary stroke prevention in children with sickle cell anaemia in Nigeria (SPRING): a double-blind, multicentre, randomised, phase 3 trial – The Lancet Haematology (link to abstract – $ for full-text)


[Preprint] RCT: In symptomatic adults above 18 years positive for SARS-CoV-2, early outpatient treatment with high-titer convalescent plasma significantly reduced hospitalizations.

8 Jan, 2022 | 23:28h | UTC

Randomized Controlled Trial of Early Outpatient COVID-19 Treatment with High-Titer Convalescent Plasma – medRxiv

News release: Early Use of Convalescent Plasma May Help Outpatients with COVID-19 Avoid Hospitalization – Johns Hopkins Medicine

Commentary: Convalescent plasma shows renewed promise for COVID-19 in outpatient trial – Science


In a large retrospective cohort study of patients with atrial fibrillation 65 years or older, treatment with rivaroxaban compared with apixaban was associated with increased risk of major ischemic or hemorrhagic events.

8 Jan, 2022 | 22:37h | UTC

Association of Rivaroxaban vs Apixaban With Major Ischemic or Hemorrhagic Events in Patients With Atrial Fibrillation – JAMA

Commentary: Apixaban Appears Safer, More Effective Than Rivaroxaban in Medicare Study – TCTMD


Meta-Analysis Comparing Apixaban Versus Rivaroxaban for Management of Patients With Nonvalvular Atrial Fibrillation – American Journal of Medicine

Observational Study Suggests Apixaban May Be a Better Choice than Rivaroxaban for Patients with Atrial Fibrillation


Retrospective cohort study: In patients with venous thromboembolism (VTE), treatment with apixaban was associated with lower rates for recurrent VTE and bleeding compared to rivaroxaban.

8 Jan, 2022 | 22:36h | UTC

Risk for Recurrent Venous Thromboembolism and Bleeding With Apixaban Compared With Rivaroxaban: An Analysis of Real-World Data – Annals of Internal Medicine


Apixaban shows superior effectiveness, safety compared to rivaroxaban – ACP Internist

Recurrent VTE and Bleeding With Apixaban vs. Rivaroxaban – American College of Cardiology


RCT: Among patients hospitalized with COVID-19 at increased risk for venous thromboembolism, post-discharge thromboprophylaxis with Rivaroxaban for 35 days may improve outcomes.

17 Dec, 2021 | 09:50h | UTC

Rivaroxaban versus no anticoagulation for post-discharge thromboprophylaxis after hospitalisation for COVID-19 (MICHELLE): an open-label, multicentre, randomised, controlled trial – The Lancet

Invited commentary: Anticoagulation in COVID-19 – The Lancet


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COVID-19 and thrombosis: searching for evidence.

13 Dec, 2021 | 09:47h | UTC

COVID-19 and thrombosis: searching for evidence – Hematology, ASH Education Program


How to recognize and manage COVID-19-associated coagulopathy.

13 Dec, 2021 | 09:45h | UTC

How to recognize and manage COVID-19-associated coagulopathy – Hematology, ASH Education Program


Hematology, the ASH Education Program – series of review articles with clinical cases published annually by the American Society of Hematology.

13 Dec, 2021 | 08:45h | UTC

Homepage: Hematology, the ASH Education Program


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