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10-Day Free Trial: Experience Our WhatsApp Medical Alerts!

Get started today with a no-obligation, 10-day free trial of our enhanced WhatsApp Medical Alerts service (no personal or payment information required for the test). Receive a personalized list of medical articles tailored to your chosen specialties directly on your WhatsApp.
After the trial, you can continue to benefit from our service for just US$ 3.00 per month. This shift to the WhatsApp Business platform ensures consistent delivery but incurs a minor monthly fee, as WhatsApp charges for message delivery.
Here's what you need to know:

1 – For doctors only: Our website and WhatsApp alerts are designed for medical professionals. Be sure to understand our terms of use and privacy policy before subscribing.
2 Customized alerts: We send articles in groups of 5 tailored to your chosen specialties. The delivery frequency could be daily or less often, and you may receive multiple groups in a day, depending on the updates in your selected fields.
3Wide range of specialties: Select from over 170 specialties and subspecialties. You can choose as many specialties as you want, but we suggest not selecting too many to avoid receiving an overwhelming number of articles daily.
4Important note 1: While we prioritize featuring open-access articles, please be aware that a minority of our alerts may reference breakthrough articles behind paywalls. These articles are included due to their significant impact in the field of medicine.
5Important note 2: Some specialties have fewer articles; please verify your preferred specialties on our website before subscribing.
6Secure payments: Your subscription is managed securely through Stripe, a reputable international payment system. We won’t have access to your payment information.
7Share the knowledge: Your subscription allows you to share our article alerts within your professional network via WhatsApp. This way, a single subscription can serve multiple professionals interested in the same specialties.
8Cancel at any time: Feel free to change your specialties or cancel your subscription at any moment by typing ‘Edit’ or ‘Cancel.’ Remember, you can also receive articles via email or Telegram, both services remaining free of charge.

Get Started:

Click the button below to activate your 10-day free trial with our WhatsApp Medical Alerts. Please remember to use the phone linked to your WhatsApp account where you’ll receive the medical articles.

WhatsApp Alerts – Free 10-day trial
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