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Opinion: Ethical Guidelines for Deliberately Infecting Volunteers with COVID-19 to Speed Vaccine Development

29 May, 2020 | 03:19h | UTC

Ethical guidelines for deliberately infecting volunteers with COVID-19 – Journal of Medical Ethics

Commentary: COVID-19 vaccine development: New guidelines for ethical approach to infecting trial volunteers – University of Warwick

Related: Challenge trials can speed development of a Covid-19 vaccine. Planning for them needs to start now – STAT AND AstraZeneca says it may consider exposing vaccine trial participants to virus – Reuters


[Abstract Only] Meta-Analysis: Postoperative Continuation of Antibiotic Prophylaxis Does Not Reduce the Incidence of Surgical Site Infections

29 May, 2020 | 03:09h | UTC

Effect of postoperative continuation of antibiotic prophylaxis on the incidence of surgical site infection: a systematic review and meta-analysis – The Lancet Infectious Diseases


Meta-Analysis: Direct Oral Anticoagulants vs. Low‐molecular‐weight Heparin for the Treatment of Cancer‐associated Thrombosis

29 May, 2020 | 03:03h | UTC

Direct oral anticoagulants compared to low‐molecular‐weight heparin for the treatment of cancer‐associated thrombosis: Updated systematic review and meta‐analysis of randomized controlled trials – Research and Practice in Thrombosis and Haemostasis

“In patients with cancer‐associated VTE, DOACs are more effective in preventing recurrent VTE compared to LMWH. However, risk of bleeding is increased with DOACs, especially in patients with GI cancer.”


Systematic Review: Hydroxychloroquine or Chloroquine for Treatment or Prophylaxis of COVID-19

28 May, 2020 | 09:59h | UTC

Hydroxychloroquine or Chloroquine for Treatment or Prophylaxis of COVID-19: A Living Systematic Review – Annals of Internal Medicine


Remdesivir for Covid-19: A 5-day Course is Similarly Effective as a 10-day Course

28 May, 2020 | 10:00h | UTC

Remdesivir for 5 or 10 Days in Patients with Severe Covid-19 – New England Journal of Medicine


Review of Trials Currently Testing Treatment and Prevention of COVID-19

28 May, 2020 | 09:48h | UTC

Review of trials currently testing treatment and prevention of COVID-19 – Clinical Microbiology and Infection


Study: Financial Ties Between Leaders of Influential US Professional Medical Associations and Industry

28 May, 2020 | 09:37h | UTC

Financial ties between leaders of influential US professional medical associations and industry: cross sectional study – The BMJ

Editorial: Financial relations between leaders of US medical societies and industry – The BMJ


EULAR Recommendations for the Management of Psoriatic Arthritis

28 May, 2020 | 09:31h | UTC

EULAR recommendations for the management of psoriatic arthritis with pharmacological therapies: 2019 update – Annals of Rheumatic Diseases

Editorial: EULAR PsA management recommendations 2019: can the recommendations be improved?

Commentary: EULAR releases recommendations for PsA management – Medicine Matters


Short Review: Using Insulin to Treat Poorly Controlled Type 2 Diabetes in 2020

27 May, 2020 | 02:18h | UTC

Using Insulin to Treat Poorly Controlled Type 2 Diabetes in 2020 – JAMA (free for a limited period)


Randomized Trial: Antihypertensive Medication Reduction vs. Usual Care Among Older Adults Taking Multiple Antihypertensive Medications

27 May, 2020 | 02:16h | UTC

Effect of Antihypertensive Medication Reduction vs Usual Care on Short-term Blood Pressure Control in Patients With Hypertension Aged 80 Years and Older: The OPTIMISE Randomized Clinical Trial – JAMA

Editorial: Deprescribing Antihypertensive Medications for Patients Aged 80 Years or Older: Is Doing Less Doing No Harm?

Commentary: Less is more? Deprescribing blood pressure lowering medications is safe in the short-term in older people with frailty and multiple long-term conditions – University of Oxford


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Meta-Analysis: Vasopressin or Its Analogs are Not Associated with Reduced Mortality Compared to Catecholamines Alone in Patients with Septic Shock

27 May, 2020 | 02:13h | UTC

Clinical Efficiency of Vasopressin or Its Analogs in Comparison with Catecholamines Alone on Patients With Septic Shock: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis – Frontiers in Pharmacology

Related Review: Vasopressin and its analogues in shock states: a review – Annals of Intensive Care (free)


[Abstract Only] Study: Estimating the Lifetime Benefits of a Multi-drug Regimen for Heart Failure

27 May, 2020 | 02:41h | UTC

Estimating lifetime benefits of comprehensive disease-modifying pharmacological therapies in patients with heart failure with reduced ejection fraction: a comparative analysis of three randomised controlled trials – The Lancet (link to abstract – $ for full-text)

Commentary: Multi-drug regimen for heart failure could meaningfully extend patients’ lives – Brigham and Women’s Hospital


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Perspective: “Here’s What Needs to Happen Before We Can All Get Vaccinated for COVID-19”

26 May, 2020 | 09:45h | UTC

Here’s what needs to happen before we can all get vaccinated for COVID-19 – CBC


Impact of COVID-19 on Oncology Clinical Trials

26 May, 2020 | 09:40h | UTC

Impact of COVID-19 on oncology clinical trials – Nature Reviews Drug Discovery

Commentary: More Than 200 International Cancer Trials Suspended Due to COVID-19 – Medscape (free registration required)


WHO Pauses Hydroxychloroquine Arm Of COVID-19 Clinical Trial Due to Safety Concerns

26 May, 2020 | 09:35h | UTC

WHO Pauses Hydroxychloroquine Arm Of COVID-19 Clinical Trial – After Lancet Study Finds Higher Mortality Rate Among Patients Getting The Drug – Health Policy Watch

See also: WHO halts hydroxychloroquine trial for coronavirus amid safety fears – The Guardian AND WHO Halts Hydroxychloroquine Trial Over Safety Concerns – NPR


Remdesivir for the Treatment of Covid-19 — Preliminary Report

25 May, 2020 | 02:06h | UTC

Remdesivir for the Treatment of Covid-19 — Preliminary Report – New England Journal of Medicine

Commentaries: Preliminary report on NIAID trial of remdesivir – PulmCrit AND Peer-reviewed data shows remdesivir for COVID-19 improves time to recovery – National Institutes of Health AND Covid-19 study details benefits of treatment with remdesivir, and also its limitations – STAT


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Hydroxychloroquine and Chloroquine for Covid-19: Large Observational Analysis Finds No Benefit and Possible Harm

25 May, 2020 | 02:03h | UTC

Hydroxychloroquine or chloroquine with or without a macrolide for treatment of COVID-19: a multinational registry analysis – The Lancet

Commentaries: Chloroquine or hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19: why might they be hazardous? – The Lancet AND What a big new study on malaria drugs as Covid-19 treatments tells us — and what it doesn’t – STAT AND Hydroxychloroquine May Cause More Harm Than Benefit To COVID-19 Patients, Says New Lancet Study – Health Policy Watch


Opinion: Why Countries Should Stop Using Anti-malarial Drugs for COVID-19

25 May, 2020 | 02:02h | UTC

Why countries should stop using anti-malarial drugs for COVID-19 – The Conversation


Promising Early Results with New Vaccine from China in Phase I Trial

25 May, 2020 | 01:57h | UTC

Safety, tolerability, and immunogenicity of a recombinant adenovirus type-5 vectored COVID-19 vaccine: a dose-escalation, open-label, non-randomised, first-in-human trial – The Lancet

Commentaries: First human trial of COVID-19 vaccine finds it is safe and induces rapid immune response – The Lancet AND Early Study Of Covid-19 Vaccine Developed In China Sees Mixed Results – Forbes AND Coronavirus Vaccine Shows Promising Early Results in China – The New York Times AND A Chinese biotech just published the first human data for its coronavirus vaccine candidate, supporting further trials – Business Insider AND Experts skeptical after researchers report positive vaccine results – CNN AND Two COVID-19 Vaccine Candidates Induce Immune Response In Healthy Volunteers – Health Policy Watch


Perspective: The World May Be Overestimating the Power of Vaccines

25 May, 2020 | 01:55h | UTC

The world needs Covid-19 vaccines. It may also be overestimating their power – STAT


Editorial – SARS-CoV2 Vaccines: Slow is Fast

25 May, 2020 | 01:54h | UTC

SARS-CoV2 vaccines: Slow is fast – Science


[Abstract Only] Randomized Trial: Haloperidol Effective for the Treatment of Headache in the Emergency Department

25 May, 2020 | 01:33h | UTC

Treatment of Headache in the Emergency Department: Haloperidol in the Acute Setting (THE-HA Study): A Randomized Clinical Trial – The Journal of Emergency Medicine


Cohort Study: Fluconazole Use in the First Trimester of Pregnancy Linked to Increased Risk of Musculoskeletal Malformations

25 May, 2020 | 01:31h | UTC

Oral fluconazole use in the first trimester and risk of congenital malformations: population based cohort study – The BMJ

Commentary: Musculoskeletal Malformations Up With Fluconazole in Pregnancy – Physician’s Weekly


15 Drugs Being Tested to Treat COVID-19 and How They Would Work

22 May, 2020 | 04:52h | UTC

15 drugs being tested to treat COVID-19 and how they would work – Nature


[Preprint] IL6 Inhibition in Critically Ill COVID-19 Patients is Associated with Increased Secondary Infections

22 May, 2020 | 04:44h | UTC

IL6 inhibition in critically ill COVID-19 patients is associated with increased secondary infections – medRxiv