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Crossover RCT | Using one-size cuff results in major inaccuracy in BP readings across varying arm sizes

11 Aug, 2023 | 15:41h | UTC

Effects of Cuff Size on the Accuracy of Blood Pressure Readings: The Cuff(SZ) Randomized Crossover Trial – JAMA Internal Medicine (free for a limited period)


When it comes to blood pressure cuffs, size matters –

One-size-fits-all blood pressure cuffs ‘strikingly inaccurate,’ study says – CNN


Brief Review | Why is cuff size so important and other factors that affect accurate blood pressure measurement

[News release – not published yet] Study finds blood pressure cuff size matters, affects blood pressure readings


Commentary on Twitter


M-A | Pharmacist-led home BP telemonitoring enhances control over usual care

11 Aug, 2023 | 15:29h | UTC

Adding Pharmacist-Led Home Blood Pressure Telemonitoring to Usual Care for Blood Pressure Control: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis – American Journal of Cardiology


Review | Primary aldosteronism: a pragmatic approach to diagnosis and management

4 Aug, 2023 | 12:06h | UTC

Primary Aldosteronism: A Pragmatic Approach to Diagnosis and Management – Mayo Clinic Proceedings


Meta-analysis | Even low levels of alcohol consumption may increase blood pressure

2 Aug, 2023 | 14:07h | UTC

Alcohol Intake and Blood Pressure Levels: A Dose-Response Meta-Analysis of Nonexperimental Cohort Studies – Hypertension

News Release: Routinely drinking alcohol may raise blood pressure even in adults without hypertension – AHA Newsroom


Review | Revisiting resistant hypertension

1 Aug, 2023 | 14:16h | UTC

Revisiting resistant hypertension: a comprehensive review – Internal Medicine Journal

Related: Resistant hypertension: A stepwise approach – Cleveland Clinic Journal of Medicine

Podcast: #390 Resistant Hypertension – The Curbsiders


M-A | Various exercise training modes reduce resting blood pressure, isometric exercise most effective

31 Jul, 2023 | 14:35h | UTC

Exercise training and resting blood pressure: a large-scale pairwise and network meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials – British Journal of Sports Medicine

News Release: Static isometric exercise, such as wall sits, best for lowering blood pressure – BMJ Newsroom

Commentary: Wall squats and planks best at lowering blood pressure – BBC


Systematic Review | Insufficient evidence for ACEi/ARB’s impact on early non-diabetic CKD

24 Jul, 2023 | 12:56h | UTC

Angiotensin‐converting enzyme inhibitors and angiotensin receptor blockers for adults with early (stage 1 to 3) non‐diabetic chronic kidney disease – Cochrane Library

Summary: Blood pressure lowering medication for adults with early stages of chronic kidney disease (without diabetes) – Cochrane Library


Phase 1 Trial | Zilebesiran demonstrates potential as prolonged-action hypertension therapeutic

21 Jul, 2023 | 13:32h | UTC

Zilebesiran, an RNA Interference Therapeutic Agent for Hypertension – New England Journal of Medicine (link to abstract – $ for full-text)

Commentary: Experimental Shot Given Every Six Months Controlled High Blood Pressure in Early Trial – HealthDay


Self-measured blood pressure telemonitoring programs: a pragmatic how-to guide

19 Jul, 2023 | 14:33h | UTC

Self-Measured Blood Pressure Telemonitoring Programs: A Pragmatic How-to Guide – American Journal of Hypertension


Nationwide Cohort Study | Adolescent hypertension linked with increased stroke risk in young adulthood

18 Jul, 2023 | 13:49h | UTC

Adolescent Hypertension Is Associated With Stroke in Young Adulthood: A Nationwide Cohort of 1.9 Million Adolescents – Stroke

Commentary: The Relationship Between Adolescent Hypertension and Stroke Risk After Age 40 Years – Neurology Advisor


M-A | First-line thiazide diuretics show reduced cardiovascular events, comparable mortality vs. other antihypertensive drugs

14 Jul, 2023 | 12:55h | UTC

First‐line diuretics versus other classes of antihypertensive drugs for hypertension – Cochrane Library

Summary: What are the benefits and harms of diuretics given as a first treatment compared to other drug classes for hypertension (high blood pressure)? – Cochrane Library


M-A | The effect of blood pressure lowering medications on the prevention of episodic migraine

12 Jul, 2023 | 13:50h | UTC

The effect of blood pressure lowering medications on the prevention of episodic migraine: A systematic review and meta-analysis – Cephalalgia

News Release: New study shows common blood pressure meds underused for migraine – George Institute for Global Health


Cohort Study | Hypertensive disorders of pregnancy linked to a 66% higher stroke risk in U.S. black women

10 Jul, 2023 | 13:31h | UTC

Hypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy and Risk of Stroke in U.S. Black Women – NEJM Medicine

Commentary: Black women with history of hypertensive disorders of pregnancy have 66% increased risk of stroke, study finds – News Medical


2023 ESH Guidelines for the management of arterial hypertension

3 Jul, 2023 | 14:34h | UTC

2023 ESH Guidelines for the management of arterial hypertension The Task Force for the management of arterial hypertension of the European Society of Hypertension Endorsed by the European Renal Association (ERA) and the International Society of Hypertension (ISH) – Journal of Hypertension


Review | Hypertension management in patients with cardiovascular comorbidities

27 Jun, 2023 | 13:39h | UTC

Hypertension management in patients with cardiovascular comorbidities – European Heart Journal


Commentary on Twitter


Brief Review | Why is cuff size so important and other factors that affect accurate blood pressure measurement

16 Jun, 2023 | 14:12h | UTC

Why Is Cuff Size So Important and Other Factors That Affect Accurate Blood Pressure Measurement – American College of Cardiology


SR | Management of postpartum hypertensive disorders of pregnancy

14 Jun, 2023 | 14:37h | UTC

Management of Postpartum Hypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy – Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality


Brief Review | What BP target is appropriate for pregnant patients with mild chronic hypertension?

6 Jun, 2023 | 14:20h | UTC

What BP target is appropriate for pregnant patients with mild chronic hypertension? – Journal of Family Practice


RCT | Adapted mindfulness training shows efficacy in reducing elevated office blood pressure

1 Jun, 2023 | 12:03h | UTC

Effect of Adapted Mindfulness Training in Participants With Elevated Office Blood Pressure: The MB‐BP Study: A Randomized Clinical Trial – Journal of the American Heart Association


Study finds potential glaucoma risk in patients using calcium channel blockers

1 Jun, 2023 | 11:51h | UTC

Association of systemic medication use with glaucoma and intraocular pressure: the E3 Consortium – Ophthalmology

Commentary: Calcium Channel Blocker Use Associated with Higher Prevalence of Glaucoma – HCP Live


M-A | Effect of more vs. less intensive BP control on cardiovascular, renal and mortality outcomes in people with type 2 diabetes

29 May, 2023 | 10:37h | UTC

Effect of more versus less intensive blood pressure control on cardiovascular, renal and mortality outcomes in people with type 2 diabetes: A systematic review and meta-analysis – Diabetes & Metabolic Syndrome: Clinical Research & Reviews


Cohort Study | Ambulatory blood pressure more predictive of mortality than clinic blood pressure

24 May, 2023 | 13:19h | UTC

Summary: This cohort study analyzed the relationship between clinic and ambulatory blood pressure with mortality. The study utilized data from March 2004 to December 2014, sourced from the Spanish Ambulatory Blood Pressure Registry, which included 59,124 patients from 223 primary care centers across all regions of Spain. Patients were monitored until their date of death or until December 31, 2019.

During a median follow-up of 9.7 years, 7174 (12.1%) patients died, including 2361 (4.0%) due to cardiovascular causes. Findings revealed J-shaped associations for several blood pressure measures. Notably, 24-hour systolic blood pressure had a stronger association with all-cause death (HR 1.41 per 1 SD increment [95% CI 1.36–1.47]) than clinic systolic blood pressure. When adjusted for clinic blood pressure, the association between 24-hour blood pressure and all-cause death remained strong (HR 1.43 [95% CI 1.37–1.49]). Night-time systolic blood pressure was found to be the most predictive of all-cause and cardiovascular death.

The findings imply that ambulatory blood pressure, particularly night-time blood pressure, is more informative about the risk of all-cause death and cardiovascular death than clinic blood pressure. Masked hypertension and sustained hypertension were associated with increased mortality risks, but not white-coat hypertension. These results emphasize the importance of ambulatory blood pressure monitoring in hypertension management and risk prediction. Future research should focus on potential causes and strategies to control night-time blood pressure effectively, considering its substantial association with death risk.

Article: Relationship between clinic and ambulatory blood pressure and mortality: an observational cohort study in 59 124 patients – The Lancet

Commentary: Tight Link Between Ambulatory BP and Mortality Affirmed in Revamped Analysis – TCTMD


Underdiagnosis of primary aldosteronism: a review of screening and detection

22 May, 2023 | 13:40h | UTC

Underdiagnosis of Primary Aldosteronism: A Review of Screening and Detection – American Journal of Kidney Diseases


Commentary on Twitter


Blood pressure variability in clinical practice: past, present and the future

11 May, 2023 | 12:13h | UTC

Blood Pressure Variability in Clinical Practice: Past, Present and the Future – Journal of the American Heart Association


M-A | Intensive blood pressure control for patients aged over 60

11 May, 2023 | 12:07h | UTC

Intensive blood pressure control for patients aged over 60: A meta-analysis of the SPRINT, STEP, and ACCORD BP randomized controlled trials – Maturitas


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