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Consensus Recommendations | Standardizing pathologic evaluation of breast carcinoma after neoadjuvant chemotherapy.

23 Aug, 2022 | 12:52h | UTC

Standardizing Pathologic Evaluation of Breast Carcinoma After Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy: Recommendations From the I-SPY Pathology Working Group – Archives of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine


Spindle cell lesions of the breast: a diagnostic algorithm.

23 Aug, 2022 | 12:51h | UTC

Spindle Cell Lesions of the Breast: A Diagnostic Algorithm – Archives of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine


Review | Drug regimens of novel antibiotics in critically ill patients with varying renal functions.

23 Aug, 2022 | 12:49h | UTC

Drug Regimens of Novel Antibiotics in Critically Ill Patients with Varying Renal Functions: A Rapid Review – Antibiotics


Review | Barrett Esophagus.

17 Aug, 2022 | 14:26h | UTC

Barrett Esophagus: A Review – JAMA (free for a limited period)

Audio clinical review: Barrett Esophagus – JAMA

Related: Diagnosis and Management of Barrett’s Esophagus: An Updated ACG Guideline – American Journal of Gastroenterology


Review | Liver biopsy in patients with alcohol-associated liver disease with acute-on-chronic liver failure.

22 Jul, 2022 | 11:28h | UTC

Liver Biopsy in Patients With Alcohol-Associated Liver Disease With Acute-on-Chronic Liver Failure – Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hepatology


Guidelines on germline testing for urologic tumor syndromes.

15 Jul, 2022 | 12:49h | UTC

Guidelines on Germline Testing for Urologic Tumor Syndromes – European Urology Focus


Review | The promise of precision medicine in rheumatology.

12 Jul, 2022 | 12:38h | UTC

The promise of precision medicine in rheumatology – Nature Reviews Rheumatology


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M-A | Does it really pay-off? Comparison of lymphadenectomy versus observational approach in skin melanoma with positive sentinel node biopsy.

12 Jul, 2022 | 12:37h | UTC

Does It Really Pay-Off? Comparison of Lymphadenectomy versus Observational Approach in Skin Melanoma with Positive Sentinel Node Biopsy: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis – Journal of Clinical Medicine


Evaluation of the molecular landscape of pediatric thyroid nodules and use of a multigene genomic classifier in children.

8 Jul, 2022 | 11:20h | UTC

Evaluation of the Molecular Landscape of Pediatric Thyroid Nodules and Use of a Multigene Genomic Classifier in Children – JAMA Oncology


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Opinion | Renaming Gleason Score 6 prostate to noncancer: a flawed idea scientifically and for patient care.

30 Jun, 2022 | 10:44h | UTC

Renaming Gleason Score 6 Prostate to Noncancer: A Flawed Idea Scientifically and for Patient Care – Journal of Clinical Oncology

Original Opinion Paper: Low-Grade Prostate Cancer: Time to Stop Calling It Cancer – Journal of Clinical Oncology


ASCO Guideline Update: Biomarkers for systemic therapy in metastatic breast cancer.

29 Jun, 2022 | 11:40h | UTC

Biomarkers for Systemic Therapy in Metastatic Breast Cancer: ASCO Guideline Update – Journal of Clinical Oncology


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Consensus report on anatomy, pathophysiology and clinical significance of the gastro-esophageal junction.

23 Jun, 2022 | 10:26h | UTC

Kyoto international consensus report on anatomy, pathophysiology and clinical significance of the gastro-oesophageal junction – Gut


Causes of liver cancer are changing around the world: some up, some down.

13 Jun, 2022 | 07:54h | UTC

News Release: Causes of Liver Cancer are Changing Around the World: Some Up, Some Down – UC San Diego Health

Original Study: Changing global epidemiology of liver cancer from 2010 to 2019: NASH is the fastest growing cause of liver cancer – Cell Metabolism (link to abstract – $ for full-text)


Circulating tumor DNA as a biomarker in patients with stage III and IV Wilms tumor.

8 Jun, 2022 | 10:43h | UTC

Circulating Tumor DNA as a Biomarker in Patients With Stage III and IV Wilms Tumor: Analysis From a Children’s Oncology Group Trial, AREN0533 – Journal of Clinical Oncology

Commentary: Analysis of Circulating Tumor DNA as a Biomarker in Stage III and IV Wilms Tumor – The ASCO Post


#ASCO22 – RCT: Circulating tumor DNA analysis guiding adjuvant therapy in stage II colon cancer.

6 Jun, 2022 | 11:53h | UTC

Circulating Tumor DNA Analysis Guiding Adjuvant Therapy in Stage II Colon Cancer – New England Journal of Medicine (link to abstract – $ for full-text)

News Release: DNA shed from colon cancers into bloodstream successfully guides chemotherapy after surgery – Helps clarify the benefit of chemotherapy in stage II cancers – Johns Hopkins Medicine

Commentary: ctDNA Effectively Detects When Adjuvant Chemo Is Avoidable in Stage II Colon Cancers – Cancer Network


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Review: Pathogenesis of alcohol-associated liver disease.

6 Jun, 2022 | 10:50h | UTC

Pathogenesis of Alcohol-Associated Liver Disease – Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hepatology


Cardiac metastasis from solid cancers: a 35-year single-center autopsy study.

3 Jun, 2022 | 10:54h | UTC

Cardiac Metastasis From Solid Cancers: A 35-Year Single-Center Autopsy Study – Archives of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine


RCT: Effect of reflectance confocal microscopy for suspect lesions on diagnostic accuracy in melanoma.

2 Jun, 2022 | 10:41h | UTC

Effect of Reflectance Confocal Microscopy for Suspect Lesions on Diagnostic Accuracy in Melanoma: A Randomized Clinical Trial – JAMA Dermatology


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M-A: Association between benign ovarian tumors and ovarian cancer risk.

2 Jun, 2022 | 10:18h | UTC

Association Between Benign Ovarian Tumors and Ovarian Cancer Risk: A Meta-Analysis of Ten Epidemiological Studies – Frontiers in Oncology


Redefining breast cancer subtypes to guide treatment prioritization and maximize response: Predictive biomarkers across 10 cancer therapies.

31 May, 2022 | 10:46h | UTC

Redefining breast cancer subtypes to guide treatment prioritization and maximize response: Predictive biomarkers across 10 cancer therapies – Cancer Cell


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A clinical severity index for eosinophilic esophagitis: development, consensus, and future directions.

30 May, 2022 | 11:29h | UTC

A Clinical Severity Index for Eosinophilic Esophagitis: Development, Consensus, and Future Directions – Gastroenterology


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Retrospective Cohort Study | Ovarian cancer detection in average-risk women: classic- versus nonclassic-appearing adnexal lesions.

30 May, 2022 | 10:58h | UTC

Ovarian Cancer Detection in Average-Risk Women: Classic- versus Nonclassic-appearing Adnexal Lesions at US – Radiology

News Release: Researchers use ultrasound to predict ovarian cancer – Radiological Society of North America

Commentary: Appearance of Ovarian Lesions on Ultrasound May Predict Malignancy – HealthDay


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Review: Autopsy in the era of advanced cardiovascular imaging.

30 May, 2022 | 10:49h | UTC

Autopsy in the era of advanced cardiovascular imaging – European Heart Journal


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Health Technology Assessment: Molecular testing for thyroid nodules of indeterminate cytology.

25 May, 2022 | 10:42h | UTC

Molecular Testing for Thyroid Nodules of Indeterminate Cytology: A Health Technology Assessment – Ontario Health Technology Assessment Series


Nonrandomized Controlled Trial: Clinical impact of intraoperative margin assessment in breast-conserving surgery with a novel Pegulicianine Fluorescence–guided system.

18 May, 2022 | 10:28h | UTC

Clinical Impact of Intraoperative Margin Assessment in Breast-Conserving Surgery With a Novel Pegulicianine Fluorescence–Guided System: A Nonrandomized Controlled Trial – JAMA Surgery


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