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Systematic Review: Cannabis-based products for chronic pain.

7 Jun, 2022 | 11:47h | UTC

Cannabis-Based Products for Chronic Pain: A Systematic Review – Annals of Internal Medicine

Annals Video Summary: Cannabis-Based Products for Chronic Pain: A Systematic Review

Summary for Patients: Cannabis-Based Products for Chronic Pain


Podcast: #338 LIVE! Medical Cannabis: Is it still dope? – The Curbsiders

Medicinal Cannabis for Chronic Pain: The Bermuda Triangle of Low Quality Studies, Countless Meta-analyses and Conflicting Recommendations – European Journal of Pain

RCT: Effect of medical marijuana card ownership on pain, insomnia, and affective disorder symptoms in adults.

Cohort Study: Long-term cannabis use is associated with cognitive deficits and smaller hippocampal volume in midlife.

AHA Scientific Statement | How does cannabis use affect brain health? Caution advised, more research needed.

M-A: Birth outcomes of neonates exposed to marijuana in utero.

Cannabis-related allergies: an international overview and consensus recommendations.

Review: Cannabis-based medicines and medical cannabis for chronic neuropathic pain.

Cannabinoid metabolites as inhibitors of major hepatic CYP450 enzymes, with implications for cannabis-drug interactions.

Living Systematic Review on Cannabis and Other Plant-Based Treatments for Chronic Pain.

The International Cannabis Toolkit (iCannToolkit): a multidisciplinary expert consensus on minimum standards for measuring cannabis use.

Cannabis products are being sold as sleep remedies – here’s the evidence about their effectiveness.

Guideline: Medical cannabis or cannabinoids for chronic pain.

Cannabis and Cannabinoid Analgesia position statement – “Due to the lack of high-quality clinical evidence, the IASP does not currently endorse general use of cannabis and cannabinoids for pain relief.”

NICE Guideline: Cannabis-Based Medicinal Products

Consensus recommendations for perioperative management of cannabis and cannabinoid-based medicine users

Living Systematic Review on Cannabis and Other Plant-Based Treatments for Chronic Pain – Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

Short Review: Drug Interactions with Cannabinoids

Meta-Analysis: Cannabinoids Not Effective for Cancer-Related Pain

Review: Considerations for cannabinoids in perioperative care by anesthesiologists.

Review: Cannabis-based Medicines and the Perioperative Physician

Study: Cannabis Use Disorder May Increase the Risk of Cardiovascular Events in Major Elective Surgeries

Perspective: If You Smoke Pot, Your Anesthesiologist Needs To Know

Perioperative Care of Cannabis Users: A Comprehensive Review of Pharmacological and Anesthetic Considerations


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