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Seminar | Monkeypox.

27 Nov, 2022 | 22:29h | UTC

Monkeypox – The Lancet


Study shows there is substantial monkeypox transmission before symptoms appear.

Global monkeypox case hospitalisation rates: A rapid systematic review and meta-analysis – eClinicalMedicine 

Human monkeypox virus infection in women and non-binary individuals during the 2022 outbreaks: a global case series – The Lancet 

Monkeypox — A Sobering Sentinel for Pandemic Preparedness and Sexual Health System Capacity – New England Journal of Medicine 

CDC study shows healthcare workers have a low risk of infection after exposure to patients with monkeypox. 

Monkeypox – New England Journal of Medicine 

Diagnosis and Management of Monkeypox: A Review for the Emergency Clinician – Annals of Emergency Medicine 

Monkeypox: disease epidemiology, host immunity and clinical interventions. 

Monkeypox: A clinical update for paediatricians – Journal of Pediatrics and Child Health 

Cohort Study | Clinical presentation and virological assessment of confirmed human monkeypox virus cases in Spain. 

CDC Report | Epidemiologic and clinical characteristics of Monkeypox cases in the US. 

Update on the Monkeypox Outbreak – JAMA 

Antivirals with Activity Against Monkeypox: A Clinically Oriented Review – Clinical Infectious Diseases 

Clinical features and novel presentations of human monkeypox in a central London centre during the 2022 outbreak: descriptive case series – The BMJ 

WHO Declares Global Public Health Emergency Over Monkeypox Virus Outbreak – Health Policy Watch 

Monkeypox Virus Infection in Humans across 16 Countries — April–June 2022 – New England Journal of Medicine 

Monkeypox: A Contemporary Review for Healthcare Professionals – Open Forum Infectious Diseases 


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