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Opinion | ChatGPT will change Medicine

30 Mar, 2023 | 14:22h | UTC

Chat GPT will change Medicine – Vinay Prasad’s Observations and Thoughts


The use of ChatGPT and other large language models in surgical science – BJS Open

ChatGPT vs. NCI: analyzing the quality of cancer information on myths and misconceptions

ChatGPT has many uses. Experts explore what this means for healthcare and medical research – The Conversation

Artificial Intelligence in Medicine & ChatGPT: De-Tether the Physician – Journal of Medical Systems (if the link is paywalled, try this one)

Can artificial intelligence help for scientific writing? – Critical Care

Artificial intelligence in academic writing: a paradigm-shifting technological advance

Performance of ChatGPT on USMLE: potential for AI-assisted medical education using large language models

Perspective | ChatGPT-assisted diagnosis: is the future suddenly here?

Perspective | Generating scholarly content with ChatGPT: ethical challenges for medical publishing

ChatGPT: Will It Transform the World of Health Care? – UCSF Department of Medicine

ChatGPT and the future of medical writing (ChatGPT itself wrote this paper)

ChatGPT: five priorities for research – Nature

The path forward for ChatGPT in academia – Lumo’s Newsletter

Nonhuman “Authors” and Implications for the Integrity of Scientific Publication and Medical Knowledge – JAMA

ChatGPT is fun, but not an author – Science

Tools such as ChatGPT threaten transparent science; here are our ground rules for their use – Nature

ChatGPT listed as author on research papers: many scientists disapprove – Nature

Abstracts written by ChatGPT fool scientists


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