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Perspective | ChatGPT-assisted diagnosis: is the future suddenly here?

14 Feb, 2023 | 10:59h | UTC

Summary: The article discusses the potential of ChatGPT, a new AI chatbot, to revolutionize medical diagnosis. It compares ChatGPT’s performance with that of symptom checkers and physicians, finding that it performs better than symptom checkers and is approaching the accuracy of physicians. The article highlights the limitations of the study, including the small sample size and sensitivity of results to the way information is presented. It also acknowledges potential challenges with the use of AI in medical diagnosis, including the need for more rigorous testing, the issue of feeding patient information into an algorithm, and the possibility of AI algorithms being biased. Despite these challenges, the article suggests that the future of computer-assisted diagnosis is here and the healthcare system will need to address these challenges.

(By ChatGPT, reviewed and edited)


Source: ChatGPT-assisted diagnosis: Is the future suddenly here? – STAT


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