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ISCHEMIA trial – days alive out of hospital endpoint was higher in the conservative management group vs. invasive management group at 1 month (30.8 vs 28.4 days), 1 year (362.2 vs 355.9 days), and 2 years (718.4 vs 712.1 days)

4 May, 2021 | 08:41h | UTC

Comparison of Days Alive Out of Hospital With Initial Invasive vs Conservative Management: A Prespecified Analysis of the ISCHEMIA Trial – JAMA Cardiology (free for a limited period)

Original study: ISCHEMIA Trial: Health-Status Outcomes with Initial Invasive vs. Conservative Care in Stable Coronary Disease AND ISCHEMIA Trial: Initial Invasive vs. Conservative Strategy for Stable Coronary Disease AND ISCHEMIA Trial: Health Status after Invasive or Conservative Care in Coronary and Advanced Kidney Disease AND ISCHEMIA Trial: Management of Coronary Disease in Patients with Advanced Kidney Disease


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