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Systematic Review: Restrictive transfusion thresholds can safely decrease transfusions by 41% across a broad range of clinical contexts.

14 Jan, 2022 | 08:18h | UTC

Transfusion thresholds for guiding red blood cell transfusion – Cochrane Library

Summary: Is it safe to use lower blood counts (haemoglobin levels) as a trigger for blood transfusion in order to give fewer blood transfusions? – Cochrane Library


RCT: Among patients with acute MI and anemia, a restrictive transfusion strategy resulted in a noninferior rate of major cardiovascular events compared to a liberal transfusion strategy

Randomized trial: Liberal vs. restrictive transfusion thresholds in extremely low-birth-weight infants

Meta-Analysis: Effects of Restrictive vs. Liberal Transfusion Strategies on Longer-term Outcomes After Cardiac Surgery

Randomized Trial: In Patients Undergoing Cardiac Surgery, A Restrictive Transfusion Approach Does Not Increase the Risk of Acute Kidney Injury

Effects of restrictive red blood cell transfusion on the prognoses of adult patients undergoing cardiac surgery: a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials – Critical Care

Research: Restrictive or Liberal Red-Cell Transfusion for Cardiac Surgery

Transfusion Requirements After Cardiac Surgery: The TRACS Randomized Controlled Trial – JAMA


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