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SR | Ultrasound‐guided arterial cannulation in the pediatric population

7 Mar, 2023 | 13:15h | UTC


This updated systematic review analyzed nine randomized controlled trials comparing ultrasound guidance to traditional methods of locating arteries for cannulation, such as palpation and Doppler auditory assistance.

The review found that ultrasound guidance probably improves first-attempt success rates, reduces the risk of complications such as hematoma formation, improves success rates within two attempts and the overall rate of successful cannulation, and reduces the number of attempts and duration of the cannulation procedure.

However, the review also notes that the evidence is only of moderate certainty due to the inability to mask the doctors performing the cannulation and the limited number of children studied. More research is needed to confirm the benefits of ultrasound guidance for arterial cannulation in different age groups of children.

Article: Ultrasound‐guided arterial cannulation in the paediatric population – Cochrane Library

Summary: Ultrasound use for insertion of arterial catheters in children – Cochrane Library


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