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Reducing cardiovascular disease burden through targeted dietary policies

8 Jun, 2017 | 15:55h | UTC

Reducing US cardiovascular disease burden and disparities through national and targeted dietary policies: A modelling study – PLOS Medicine(free)

Commentaries: Change in USA food policies could prevent 230,000 heart disease deaths by 2030 – Imperial College of London (free) AND U.S. nutrition policies may cut heart disease and save lives – Reuters Health News (free)

Related: Taxes and Subsidies for Improving Diet and Population Health in Australia: A Cost-Effectiveness Modelling Study – PLOS Medicine (free) AND The US had no soda taxes in 2013. Now nearly 9 million Americans live with them – VOX (free)

“Increased discounts on fruit and vegetables, and higher taxes on sugary drinks, could prevent heart disease deaths, says a new study” (from Imperial College of London commentary)


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