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Perspective | The polypill: from concept and evidence to implementation.

18 Oct, 2022 | 12:55h | UTC

The polypill: from concept and evidence to implementation – The Lancet (free registration required)

News Release: The polypill could avoid millions of premature deaths, heart attacks and strokes every year, say leading cardiology experts – McMaster University


#ESCCongress | In patients within 6 months of a myocardial infarction, a polypill containing aspirin, ramipril, and atorvastatin resulted in a lower risk of major adverse cardiovascular events compared to usual care.

#ESCCongress – M-A: Polypills with and without aspirin substantially reduce cardiovascular disease, myocardial infarction, stroke, revascularization, and cardiovascular death in primary cardiovascular disease prevention.

Opinion: A new important study supports wider use of the polypill

#AHA20 – Randomized trial: A polypill comprising statins, multiple blood pressure lowering drugs, and aspirin prevents cardiovascular events among patients at intermediate cardiovascular risk

Perspective: Are Polypills and Population-based Treatment the Next Big Things?

The Polypill Revisited: Why We Still Need Population-Based Approaches in the Precision Medicine Era

Randomized Trial: Polypill for Cardiovascular Disease Prevention in an Underserved Population

Randomized Trial: Effectiveness of Polypill for Primary and Secondary Prevention of Cardiovascular Diseases

Clinical Impact of the Polypill for Cardiovascular Prevention in Latin America: A Consensus Statement of the Inter-American Society of Cardiology – Global Heart

Perspective: The Polypill and the Long Journey to Major Impact

Research: Low-Dose ‘Triple Pill’ Lowers Blood Pressure More Than Usual Care


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