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The Lancet Series: Optimizing child and adolescent health and development.

29 Apr, 2022 | 10:55h | UTC

Homepage: Optimising Child and Adolescent Health and Development – The Lancet (free registration required for all articles)

Health and development from preconception to 20 years of age and human capital

Effects of early-life poverty on health and human capital in children and adolescents: analyses of national surveys and birth cohort studies in LMICs

What can work and how? An overview of evidence-based interventions and delivery strategies to support health and human development from before conception to 20 years

Improving health and social systems for all children in LMICs: structural innovations to deliver high-quality services

Optimising child and adolescent health and development in the post-pandemic world

Opportunities in crisis for optimising child health and development


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