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Editorial: The rationale for the recommendations of the European Pediatric Fasting Guideline – “the authors of the 2021 ESAIC pediatric guideline have found reasons to recommend reductions to the minimum fasting times for infant formula to 4 h, for breast milk to 3 h and for clear fluids to 1 h”.

5 Dec, 2021 | 23:26h | UTC

The rationale for the recommendations of the European Paediatric Fasting Guideline: Improving paediatric anaesthesia and perioperative medicine – European Journal of Anaesthesiology

Original Guideline: Pre-operative fasting in children: A guideline from the European Society of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care – European Journal of Anesthesiology


Pro-Con Debate: 1- vs 2-Hour Fast for Clear Liquids Before Anesthesia in Children.

ESPEN practical guideline: Clinical nutrition in surgery – “Preoperative fasting from midnight is unnecessary in most patients. Patients undergoing surgery, who are considered to have no specific risk of aspiration, shall drink clear fluids until 2 h before anesthesia. Solids shall be allowed until 6 h before anesthesia.”


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