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E-Scooter users more likely to suffer serious trauma compared to bicycle users: a nationwide study in England and Wales

8 Mar, 2023 | 14:13h | UTC

The study aimed to determine the incidence, demographics, and injury patterns involved in E-Scooter-related hospital admissions due to significant trauma compared with bicycle-related trauma within England and Wales. The retrospective cohort study was based on data submitted to the UK Trauma Audit and Research Network (TARN) registry between 1 January 2021 to 31 December 2021.

The study found that E-Scooter users were more likely to be admitted to a major trauma center or a critical care unit than bicycle users. Serious head and limb trauma occurred more frequently among E-Scooter users, while serious chest and pelvic trauma were greater among bicycle users. Over one-third of E-Scooter injuries were incurred outside the current legislation by patients who were intoxicated by alcohol and drugs or under the age of 17.

The study suggests a greater relative incidence of serious trauma and an alternative pattern of injury among E-Scooter users compared with bicycle users. The study concludes that further legislation and tighter regulation of E-Scooter rental are required to reduce the already significant burden of injury associated with this mode of transport.

Article: Major trauma among E-Scooter and bicycle users: a nationwide cohort study – Injury Prevention

News Release: Crashing an e-scooter likely to lead to more serious injuries than crashing a bike – British Medical Journal

Commentary: E-scooter riders more likely than cyclists to sustain serious injuries – BBC


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