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COVID-19 and mucormycosis superinfection: the perfect storm.

28 Jul, 2021 | 10:09h | UTC

COVID-19 and mucormycosis superinfection: the perfect storm – Infection


ECMM/ISHAM recommendations for clinical management of COVID -19 associated mucormycosis in low- and middle-income countries.

The “Black Fungus” in India: The Emerging Syndemic of COVID-19–Associated Mucormycosis – careful use of antibiotics and corticosteroids and closely monitoring blood glucose levels are some of the strategies suggested by the authors.

Multicenter Epidemiologic Study of Coronavirus Disease–Associated Mucormycosis, India – Uncontrolled diabetes mellitus was the most common underlying disease; improper glucocorticoid use was independently associated with the disease.

Opinion | “Doctors have been blamed for the rise in black fungus in India, but the COVID treatment guidelines could be contributing” – improper use of antibiotics and higher than usual doses of corticosteroids may be contributing to the emergence of mucormycosis and other fungal co-infections.

What is mucormycosis, the fungal infection affecting COVID patients in India?

[Preprint] The Emergence of COVID-19 Associated Mucormycosis: Analysis of Cases From 18 Countries.

Mucormycosis: The ‘black fungus’ maiming Covid patients in India

Global Guideline for the Diagnosis and Management of Mucormycosis


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