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Commentary on the Latest AAP Guidelines for the Febrile Neonate.

5 Aug, 2021 | 08:36h | UTC

Small Talk – Hot Off The Presses: The Latest AAP Guidelines for the Febrile Neonate – emDocs

Original guideline:

AAP Guideline: Evaluation and management of well-appearing febrile infants 8 to 60 days old.


M-A: Low prevalence of bacterial meningitis among well-appearing febrile infants aged 29-60 days with positive urinalysis results – “These results suggest that for these infants, the decision to use lumbar puncture should not be guided by urinalysis results alone”.

Things We Do for No Reason: Lumbar Punctures in Low-Risk Febrile Infants with Bronchiolitis

[Abstract Only] Observational Study Suggests Testing for Meningitis May Not be Necessary for Febrile Well-Appearing Young Infants with Positive Urinalysis

Study: Clinical Prediction Rule to Identify Febrile Infants at Low Risk for Serious Bacterial Infections

Cohort Study: Accuracy of Complete Blood Cell Counts to Identify Febrile Infants 60 Days or Younger With Invasive Bacterial Infections


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