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Cluster RCT: A household salt substitution intervention is a cost-effective intervention for preventing stroke and improving quality of life.

29 Mar, 2022 | 10:16h | UTC

Cost-effectiveness of a Household Salt Substitution Intervention: Findings From 20,995 Participants of the Salt Substitute and Stroke Study (SSaSS) – Circulation

Commentary: ACC: Use of Salt Substitute to Prevent Stroke Is Cost-Saving – HealthDay

Original Study: #ESCCongress – Cluster RCT: Among patients at increased risk for stroke, salt substitution (75% sodium chloride and 25% potassium chloride by mass) reduced the rates of stroke, major cardiovascular events, and death from any cause.


Former CDC director: Low sodium salt could save millions of lives – CNN

Is salt good for you after all? The evidence says no.

Systematic Review: Altered dietary salt intake for people with chronic kidney disease.

New WHO benchmarks help countries reduce salt intake and save lives.

RCT: Reduced-sodium added-potassium salt substitute reduces blood pressure in hypertensive patients

Potassium Enriched Salt Substitution Could Prevent a Large Number of Cardiovascular Deaths

Meta-Analysis: Effect of Reduction in Dietary Sodium on Blood Pressure Levels

Cluster Randomized Trial: Effect of Salt Substitution on Community-wide Blood Pressure and Hypertension Incidence


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