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CDC unveils its latest weapon in Covid-19 detection: wastewater.

7 Feb, 2022 | 08:49h | UTC

CDC unveils its latest weapon in Covid-19 detection: wastewater – CNN

CDC Website: National Wastewater Surveillance System (NWSS): A new public health tool to understand COVID-19’s spread in a community – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


CDC Report: Using Wastewater Surveillance Data to Support the COVID-19 Response — United States, 2020–2021.

Rapid, large-scale wastewater surveillance and automated reporting system enabled early detection of nearly 85% of COVID-19 cases on a University campus.

[Preprint] Wastewater genomic testing can effectively track COVID-19 variants of concern.

Human Waste Could Be The Next Big Weapon in Controlling COVID-19 – TIME

Next steps for wastewater testing to help end this pandemic — and prevent the next one – STAT

Sewage sleuths helped an Arizona town beat back Covid-19. For wastewater epidemiology, that’s just the start – STAT

The myriad ways sewage surveillance is helping fight COVID around the world – Nature

Testing sewage can give school districts, campuses and businesses a heads-up on the spread of COVID-19 – The Conversation

It’s time to begin a national wastewater testing program for Covid-19 – STAT

Coronavirus: Testing sewage an ‘easy win’ – BBC

Development of wastewater pooled surveillance of SARS-CoV-2 from congregate living settings – high sensitivity, but unable to distinguish new infectious cases from persistent convalescent shedding.


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