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Patient Safety and Quality

Latest News & Perspectives in Patient Safety and Quality –

Free Curated News in Patient Safety & Quality, Updated Daily.

WHO Patient Safety

Series of resources in patient safety provided by the World Health Organization.

WHO Patient Safety Guidelines

Main Campaigns in patient safety developed by the World Health Organization.

Coursera – Leading Healthcare Quality and Safety

This patient safety MOOC (massive open online course) provides healthcare practitioners and others with an introduction to the knowledge and skills needed to lead patient safety and quality improvement initiatives.

AHRQ Patient Safety Measure Tools & Resources

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality's (AHRQ) is part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and provides a series of resources to promote safer health care.


AHRQ Patient Safety Network (PSNet) is a U.S. web-based resource featuring the latest news and essential resources on patient safety.

AHRQ PSNet – Topics

The AHRQ PSNet Topics comprises an extensive selection of resources relevant to the patient safety community. These resources come in a variety of formats, including literature, research, tools, and Web sites.

AHRQ PSNet – Patient Safety Primers

AHRQ PSNet Patient Safety Primers guide you through fundamental concepts in patient safety.

AHRQ PSNet – Perspectives on Safety

Perspectives on Safety section features expert viewpoints on current themes in patient safety and includes podcasts and reviews on the subject.

Institute of Medicine Reports – Quality and Patient Safety

The Institute of Medicine (IOM) is an independent, nonprofit organization that works outside of U.S. government to provide unbiased and authoritative advice to decision-makers and the public.

To Err Is Human – Building a Safer Health System

This classic publication from 1999 is the first in the series of reports by the Institute of Medicine (IOM) on the quality of health care in the United States. Many argue that the modern field of patient safety began with this report's publication.

Quality Chasm Series: Health Care Quality Reports from the Institute of Medicine

In 1996 the Institute of Medicine launched the Quality Chasm Series, a series of reports focused on assessing and improving the quality of healthcare in the United States. All the reports can be downloaded for free.

The National Academies Press – Healthcare and Quality

The National Academies Press publishes more than 200 books a year on a wide range of topics including books in Healthcare and Quality.

PubMed Bookshelf – Patient Safety

PubMed Bookshelf has a vast collection of free books for doctors and other health professionals including many on patient safety and quality.

The Joint Commission – Monographs and Papers

The Joint Commission accredits and certifies more than 20,500 health care organizations and programs in the United States and abroad. Most of the educational materials are for purchase or are exclusive to its members, but this series of monographs and papers provide some free excellent materials.

IHI Patient Safety Topics

The Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) is an independent, not-for-profit organization based in Cambridge, Massachusetts and is one of the most active organizations in healthcare improvement and patient safety worldwide. The link provides access to the different topics pertinent to patient safety. Free registration is required.

NHS Patient Safety Resources

Practical information tools and support to improve patient safety in the NHS from the UK.

Advances in Patient Safety

Sponsored by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ - USA), this series contains 3 compendiums about advances in patient safety: 1) From Research to Implementation; 2) New Directions and Alternative Approaches; and 3) An Evidence-Based Handbook for Nurses.

Making Health Care Safer: A Critical Review of Evidence Supporting Strategies to Improve Patient Safety

Supplement from the Annals of Internal Medicine issued in 2013 including systematic reviews of 10 key patient safety practices.

Patient Safety and Quality – An Evidence-Based Handbook for Nurses

Patient safety and quality care are at the core of health care systems and processes and are inherently dependent upon nurses. This book examines the science behind quality and safety concepts and provides some insight into the multiple factors that determine the quality and safety of healthcare as well as patient, nurse, and systems outcomes.

Canadian Patient Safety Institute (CPSI) Publications

Established by Health Canada in 2003, the Canadian Patient Safety Institute (CPSI) works with governments, health organizations, leaders, and healthcare providers to improve patient safety and quality.

Global Patient Safety Alerts

Global Patient Safety Alerts is a project of the Canadian Patient Safety Institute (CPSI) with the support of the World Health Organization (WHO) and features a comprehensive collection of patient safety alerts, advisories, and recommendations for healthcare providers and organizations.

Safer Healthcare Now! Interventions

Safer Healthcare Now! is promoted by The Canadian Patient Safety Institute (CPSI) and provides a series of practical tools for improving quality and patient safety.

Health Quality Council of Alberta

The Health Quality Council of Alberta aims to promote and improve patient safety and health service quality across Alberta, in Canada.

Medscape News – Patient Safety (free registration required)

Medscape News is a vast free medical resource and includes news related to patient safety.

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