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Daily Archives: October 29, 2018

Mon, October 29 – 10 Stories of The Day!

29 Oct, 2018 | 00:01h | UTC


1 – Guideline: Myeloma: diagnosis and management – National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (free)


2 – Intravenous Iron in Patients Undergoing Maintenance Hemodialysis – New England Journal of Medicine (free)

Proactive administration of high-dose iv iron did not adversely affect mortality or CV events, but enabled reduced erythropoiesis-stimulating agent dosing and transfusion rates.” (via @NatRevNeph see Tweet)


3 – WHO guideline on health policy and system support to optimize community health worker programmes – World Health Organization (free PDF)

News Release: WHO launches new guideline on health policy and system support to optimize community health worker programmes (free)

Related: Health policy and system support to optimise community health worker programmes: an abridged WHO guideline – The Lancet Global Health (free)


4 – Early enteral nutrition within 24 hours of lower gastrointestinal surgery versus later commencement for length of hospital stay and postoperative complications – Cochrane Library (free)

Summary: The effect of having nutrition within the first 24 hours after bowel surgery on length of hospital stay and postoperative complications – Cochrane Library (free)

This review suggests that early enteral feeding is associated with a shorter length of hospital stay. For all other outcomes (postoperative complications, mortality, adverse events, and QoL) the findings are inconclusive.


5 – Perspective: Overdiagnosis of Penicillin Allergy Leads to Costly, Inappropriate Treatment – JAMA (free for a limited period)

Related: NICE: Double Check Patients with ‘Penicillin Allergy’ to Avoid Increased MRSA Risk (free) AND Antibiotic Use After Removal of Penicillin Allergy Label (link to abstract and commentaries) AND Allergy Testing in Children With Low-Risk Penicillin Allergy Symptoms (link to abstract and commentaries)


6 – Danish respiratory society position paper: palliative care in patients with chronic progressive non-malignant lung diseases – European Clinical Respiratory Journal (free)


7 – Physician burnout costs up to $17B a year, task force says – HealthcareDive (free)

Related Position Paper: The Business Case for Humanity in Healthcare – National Taskforce for Humanity in Healthcare (free PDF)

Related: Systematic Review: Prevalence of Burnout Among Physicians (link to abstract and commentaries) AND Implementing Optimal Team-Based Care to Reduce Clinician Burnout (free review and commentaries) AND Association Between Physician Burnout and Patient Safety, Professionalism, and Patient Satisfaction (link to abstract and commentaries) AND Physician Burnout Can Lead to Major Medical Errors (link to abstract and commentaries) AND The Burnout Crisis in American Medicine (free perspectives on the subject)


8 – The fight against non-communicable disease in emerging economies – Nature (free)

“Health-care providers in low- and middle-income countries are shifting their focus away from infections, and towards the bigger problems of diabetes and cardiovascular disease.”


9 – Review: Optimizing medication management for patients with cirrhosis: Evidence‐based strategies and their outcomes – Liver International (free) (via @Abraham_RMI)


10 – Albumin administrations can prolong survival for some people with liver disease – NIHR Signal (free)

Original Article: Long-term albumin administration in decompensated cirrhosis (ANSWER): an open-label randomised trial – The Lancet (link to abstract – $ for full-text)


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